Welcome to Lockie Farm

Party to Welcome Kevin, Therin and Abby

and Say Goodbye to Marcia

Saturday, December 19th, 1:00–5:00 PM

Lockie Farm — 2797 CR 1700 N, Odgen, IL 61859

Marcia’s cell: (818) 552-2211   Call her if you need directions.

Welcome to Lockie Farm

Lockie Farm sign and Marcia PowellLockie Farm, 22 acres just northeast of Ogden, IL, was originally corn and soybeans. When Marcia inherited it, she hired a local farmer to grow alfalfa/grass to start detoxifying the soil. In May 2014, she put two acres into Woody Perennial Polyculture – a combination of chestnut trees, fruit trees, hazelnut shrubs, grapes and 6 different kinds of berries. Marcia is Case Study #1 for the Savanna Institute. Lockie Farm is a demonstration site for restoration agriculture.

Marcia put a modular house on the property and moved in November 2013. She has marked off 1/2 acre around the house as her personal playground in which she can experiment with permaculture-type vegetable gardening, composting, vermiculture, bio-char, Hugelkultur, bone salve and such. She does not have a grass yard, but is experimenting with ground covers such as clover and Irish moss.

Livestock is currently (fall 2015) four beehives, but eventually she plans to have chickens, and probably cattle and pigs that will forage between the rows of… still figuring that out…

“Lockie” is a family name of Scottish origin – the name of Marcia’s grandmother, younger sister and niece.

Lockie farm hosts one Field Day a year. Marcia is happy to arrange tours by appointment, and even allows people to just “pop by”.